How To Start & Grow A Real Estate Business With Chris D. Bentley

How To Start & Grow A Real Estate Business With Chris D. Bentley

A real estate business is a business entity that deals with the investment, buying, selling, and managing of real estate properties. It requires research before indulging yourself in it just like any other industry. Real estate is one of the most exciting industries with much potential today. Therefore you need to know everything about establishing a business in this industry because a well-planned business has the potential to grow fast. 

Hence, if you wonder how to start a real estate business, Chris D. Bentley got you covered.

Chris is a real estate broker,, and owner of Bentley Fine Properties, a company with the best tools and technology to help buyers and sellers ease their buying and selling processes. They have a listing of buyers that receive listing alerts every day. Also, they allow sellers to market their listing where buyers are looking online and in-person. They also ensure that sellers see everything their agent does to get their property sold. Chris helps buyers find the houses of their choice, providing recommendations for great inspectors and guiding them through the entire home buying process.

Starting and Growing A Real Estate Business

  1. Get your real estate license.

When starting a real estate business, you first need a license.

  1. Write a business plan.

After obtaining a real estate brokerage license, the next step is writing a business plan outlining the operational goals you have for your business. The business plan should also outline a plan of action to reach those goals.

  1. Hire an attorney

Thirdly, before starting your real estate business, it is best to hire an attorney. Remember to hire an attorney familiar with the real estate business and real estate laws.

  1. Evaluate and plan out your finances

Knowing your sales and commissions is crucial when starting a real estate business. You will need to understand how you will fund your business for it to grow and thrive. After planning out your finances, set up an accounting and bookkeeping system to help keep track of your expenses, profit, loss, tax information, cash flow, and capital expenditures.

  1. Business insurance

As a real estate professional, you need business insurance to cover property damage, intellectual lawsuits, theft, and other incidents. Business insurance provides a high level of security.

  1. Develop a personal brand identity

When growing a real estate business, you need to make your brand unique. A unique brand sets you apart from everyone else in the industry.

  1. Develop a solid online and social presence

If you want to succeed in the real estate business, you must build a solid online presence. An online presence allows your potential clients to see homes on your website. Thus, develop a well-designed website and social media presence to make your clients invest more in you.

  1. Scale

The last step of growing your real estate business is to scale. Establishing a name for yourself and making quality connections will help you generate leads. Always ensure you give a first-class experience with your clients to increase the chance of them referring you to others.


The real estate business can help you thrive and offer you the life you long to live. If you need assistance in starting and growing your real estate business, contact Chris for more information.'


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