How to Save Money on New Sporting Goods for Your Family

How to Save Money on New Sporting Goods for Your Family

A family that participates in sports either together or on an individual level and supports each other is a great thing. It can make them closer, learn to compete together, learn to deal with adversity together, and be healthy and fit together.

One downside? The cost! It can be very expensive, especially with multiple kids playing multiple sports. Travel and team fees aside, the equipment alone can be very costly.

From specialty equipment like gloves, bats and helmets, to broad gear like sneakers and athletic clothes, the cost can add up. There is usually a lot of wear and tear on these items as well, so their life is short, requiring constant replacement.

Saving money is always something every family is into, so if you are a sports family and have a bunch of equipment and gear needs on a regular basis then these tips should help you save a nice chunk of money every time you need to make a purchase.

Look Online

There are a few major retail locations that have big department stores: Modell’s Sporting Goods and Dick’s Sporting Goods. These are probably the largest and mot recognizable names.

While they have a great selection for last minute needs, if you can wait a couple days check out their websites for lower prices and other savings. Sometimes you will find that you can stack special offers and even use coupon codes to get a much better price. It’s always worth checking out.

Shop Local Specials

I mentioned Modell’s Sporting Goods and Dick’s Sporting Goods above. Well, I’m not suggesting you avoid them entirely. Sometimes they have killer deals in the store and if you keep up on local flyers in your newspaper you can know when to swing in to see what they have to offer.

Sometimes you need to try something on, and in these situations it helps to have a physical store go visit.

Frequent Surplus Networks

The internet has paved the way for a lot of discount operations to launch, offering rock bottom prices. They will buy in huge bulk, often taking all of a closeout item. They will then store them in a warehouse and sell direct to consumer via a website.

You might be surprised what you will find on a surplus network. Lots of name brand items at a huge discount; it’s something every family can appreciate. Find the websites that generally have what you and your family use and check in often to see what they have.

It’s also a good idea to subscribe to any newsletter or notification list they offer so you can stay up to date on the latest offerings.

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Swap at Gently Used Events

A lot of communities know how expensive it can get, so they organize and host swap events, where parents can take their gently used sports equipment and trade it in for larger sizes or different things they need.

This is a great way to keep costs low and help other families. Larger communities will typically have these events as new sport seasons approach.

James Booth

James Booth is the owner and operator of Fun Club, a multi-sports complex in Denver that offers a driving range, paintball, go karts and more.

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