Rise UP to your Purpose and Greatness with Dr. Betsy Guerra’s Faith-Infused Coaching Methodology

Rise UP to your Purpose and Greatness with Dr. Betsy Guerra’s Faith-Infused Coaching Methodology

Did you know that relying solely on your capabilities is like trying to bake a cake without the flour? You might have some great ingredients, but the key to your rising is missing. That’s where Dr. Betsy Guerra comes in. She recognizes that to reach our greatness, we need something greater than ourselves. And that’s where faith and spiritual guidance come into play.

Breaking Through the Walls

Dr. Betsy believes we can only break through our human limitations by tapping into our faith. Letting God guide us and consenting to His presence and action within empowers us with infinite wisdom and possibilities. She knows this personally. 

Dr. Betsy unexpectedly lost her daughter and experienced heart-wrenching pain she never thought she could overcome. However, she rose above it stronger and happier. As a result, she was divinely inspired to create and test a coaching methodology that transcended all human limitations. , In the Faith-Based Coaching Academy, Dr. Betsy combines her 20 years of clinical and coaching experience with spirituality to help individuals ignite their faith and unlock their greatness.  She certifies service-driven thought leaders as life coaches who get to create a life and business of significance, while elevating humanity.

Living a Guided Life

Dr. Betsy emphasizes the importance of living a guided life. She believes we become unstoppable when we connect with a higher power and align ourselves with divine wisdom.  “When God has your back, you can’t possibly fail,” I heard her say. She’s a testament to this. 

Dr. Betsy has a successful private practice, is a bilingual international speaker, author of Hurt 2 Hope, and the founder of the Faith-Based Coaching Academy. She’s also a devoted wife of almost 20 years and a mother of four. She claims that it is by God’s grace and guidance that she’s been able to experience such a fulfilling life after so much pain. She didn’t need to have the strength or wisdom to accomplish all this because she had someone getting her back and providing it for her as needed. Therefore, she continues to use God as her GPS, and is determined to help others do the same. 

Coaching with a Twist

Dr. Betsy’s faith-based coaching approach has transformed thousands of lives and promises to reach millions in the upcoming years. Through this life coach certification program, you get the best of two worlds: competence in psychology and a spiritual awakening. Dr. Betsy ensures you also receive coaching as you learn how to coach others, so you may integrate the lessons and unlock your own greatness. 

Dr. Betsy Guerra’s faith-infused coaching methodology offers a refreshing and transformative perspective in a world saturated with self-help approaches. By recognizing the limitations of relying solely on our capabilities, Dr. Betsy emphasizes the power of faith and spiritual guidance in propelling individuals toward their purpose and greatness. Through integrating psychology with Divine Wisdom, she guides her clients to surpass mere functionality and embrace a life of significance and fulfilment. With her coaching, you’ll embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation, tapping into your unlimited potential and unlocking a life filled with purpose and greatness.


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