Holistic Nurse Training – The Future Of Nursing

Holistic Nurse Training – The Future Of Nursing

The profession of nursing can be unbelievably rewarding. It is one where those individuals who choose this career path will be exposed to pain and suffering, but they will also experience the satisfaction of knowing that they have made a real difference to patients and their loved ones. However, many nurses have become increasingly disillusioned with what they are beginning to realize is the fixation of Western medicine on providing symptomatic treatment without due regard to the other factors that make up the health of an individual.

Individuals are not only made up of bone, sinew, nerve, and muscle. They are far more complex. They have mental and spiritual needs as well. It has become increasingly apparent that an exclusive focus on the physical symptoms of the patient is in many cases not leading to optimum outcomes as far as their health – and their road to recovery.

It is this exclusive focus that has led to many nurses becoming disillusioned with the status quo. It has led to many questioning their career choices. They are aware that patients need more than just physical healing, nurses are by nature avid listeners.

Fortunately, there is now a way for registered nurses to take the next step in their personal and professional development, and that is through holistic nurse training.

So what exactly is holistic nurse training?

Holistic nurse training empowers patients to take a path to recovery that includes a whole-body approach. That includes giving them the tools to live a life that takes into account their physical, spiritual, social, and mental needs.

The ‘Transformative Nurse Coach’ Certification allows nurses to take that next step on the path towards self-fulfillment – and becoming a Board-Certified Nurse Coach. Certification is provided by the American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corp. This not only sets the nurse apart from the myriad of other uncertified ‘health coachs’ out there – but is also the key to future success. And all you require in order to take that important next in your career growth is an active, unrestricted license – and it does not matter what area you specialize in.

It is inevitable that demand for those with a holistic nursing certification is going to increase as the approach becomes ever more mainstream, yet another reason that so many are finding this certification so valuable.   

The practice of holistic nursing is a relatively new field – but one that is growing rapidly. As a graduate, the nurse will be joining a community of thousands across the country. This is an invaluable network that will offer support as the nurse navigates through the seven-month online holistic nurse training course that is offered by The Nurse Coach Collective.

The online nature of the learning experience means that there is no reason to leave your current position – studying can be done entirely after hours. However, it is also important to realize that you will not be left entirely to fend for yourself – there is live support available should you encounter a hurdle in your learning journey.

The program itself has been designed by nurses who have walked those hospital corridors and put in the hours. They are fully aware of the demands of the job – and the frustration that many nurses feel regarding the status quo. Their passion for holistic nursing has been driven by the fact that they are convinced that the current paradigms driving the practice of medicine are due for a disruption.

Most people become nurses because they want to help patients heal and experience a better quality of life – and the holistic nursing approach can help patients on that journey. By not simply attending to physical needs, but helping individuals with such issues as diet, relationships, sleep optimization, nutrition – and much more, holistic nursing practitioners can provide invaluable assistance. And that assistance requires holistic nurse training

There is a wealth of research indicating that the mindset of the patient is as important to healing as the physical care that they receive. Holistic nurse coaching empowers nurses with the skills that they require to leverage the idea of ‘whole body healing’. This can have a measurable effect on the patient’s daily life. It also leverages some of the core skills that each and every nurse possesses – that of being an active lister. It also allows nurses to reach their own personal and professional goals by making use of an emotional asset, that of compassion.

If you would like to join an ever-growing community of holistic nursing practitioners – and regain that passion for nursing that drove you toward the profession then don’t hesitate, reach out to The Nurse Coach Collective (https://thenursecoaches.com/). Sign up on the website and you will have access to a Nurse Coach via a free call. That coach will answer any questions that you might have. Take the next step in professional development and self-fulfillment today.


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