The Nurse Coach Collective

The Nurse Coach Collective

A lot of people think about the nursing profession being a calling. After all, it’s a very demanding career that comes with many sacrifices. Because of this, it mostly attracts those who have an inherent passion for helping others. Throughout each day, they are tasked with easing the pain and suffering of their patients. They are responsible for giving patients an optimistic outlook and are tasked with doing multiple things at a time. A nurse is at the core of Western medicine as a whole.

What’s also a major part of Western medicine is the focus on the body using scientific methods. The primary purpose of Western and modern medicine is to reduce physical pain. Unfortunately, for a lot of nurses in the field, this core approach doesn’t give every patient everything they need. This is where holistic nursing comes into play.

There has been more and more interest in holistic medicine because of this. A lot of nurses are welcoming the idea of holistic medicine especially if they’ve lost passion for their work because of the failure of Western medicine. They’ve become increasingly aware that all humans are more complex than a basic body. They are more than a bunch of connective tissue, muscle, bones, and nerves. A human being is much more complex than that. They have all kinds of needs that cannot be addressed physically. The overall challenge that’s taken place for too long is the premise that only physical care should be the focus of an RN Nurse.

This is quickly changing for the good. Many nurses recognize the importance of their patient’s health beyond their physical bodies. The narrow focus is expanding and it’s starting to include other essential needs. This is due to holistic qualifications becoming more accessible. One of the major qualifications is the Transformative Nurse Coach Certificate Program that’s being offered by The Nurse Coach Collective.

This is a highly optimized program that helps Registered Nurses learn to expand their knowledge and understanding beyond what’s taught by conventional nursing schools and programs. Instead of solely emphasizing the treatment of symptoms, nurses are taught how to effectively treat them as a whole. By leveraging the excellent training offered by the Nurse Coach Collective, the students will learn how to become much better and more effective partners with their patients and figure out how to help them by doing more than treating basic symptoms.

This is an all-encompassing and holistic approach that emphasizes addressing everything that is involved with the healing process. This means more than the physical aspect alone. While the physical aspect is certainly important, it’s not the only thing that should be addressed. To have comprehensive treatment, all of the needs of the individual must be addressed. This includes their mental, social, and even spiritual needs.

There has been plenty of research that indicates that if these needs are not fully met, they won’t recover nearly as fast (if at all). This is true even with patients that don’t showcase any of the physical symptoms that were once present. It’s also true for the patients that may have recovered from surgery or other issues that still negatively affect their daily lives.

As someone who is a certified integrative nurse coach, you will help patients in various areas beyond just the physical aspect. While it’s still going to be an integral part of patient care, it’s not the only one. With holistic nursing, you will be handing out blueprints to patients on how to effectively live healthier and happier lives. You can do this by acquiring all of the knowledge and skills needed to guide a patient through different areas to become healthier. This includes teaching them how to optimize their diet, improve the exercise they get daily, incorporate more movement, and help them with both sleeping and mindfulness habits. Along with this, a certified nurse would be in a position to help a patient with any relationship issues they may be dealing with caused by an injury or something else.

This is an especially good program for the nurses that have been beaten down by the lack of all-inclusive care that Western medicine delivers. Those that have had their passion for helping people decrease slowly as more and more treatments only focus on treating a patient’s physical being and symptoms. A lot of nurses have spent countless hours in hospital rooms only to find their patients never truly get better. Those that developed this program have spent just as many hours in these rooms figuring out what patients truly need to get better. 

This is a very essential point for anyone that is looking to figure out what to do next as they look to move forward from their traditional RN career. They can go into the process knowing they aren’t alone. They won’t be embarking on the holistic nursing journey by themselves. They will have an entire community driving holistic nursing forward right behind them. A community that’s full of like-minded people with the same passion for helping people. 

While holistic nursing is a very disruptive approach, it’s being embraced by many nurses around the world. There are no reasons why Registered Nurses should have to deal with the restrictions that are imposed by the countless years of Western medical practice. It’s not only a disservice to the patients themselves, but also the passion of many nurses.

For any nurse that is finding it difficult to continue forward with full confidence and for those who are looking to reignite their passion for the job they once loved, it’s an unprecedented opportunity. It’s moving the nursing profession forward to what should be the new standard. If you are a nurse and you want to discover what’s missing, this certification will give you that drive back to do everything you can to help your patients get better. 

Getting certified in holistic nursing is not only for the benefit of your patients but also for yourself. It can propel you forward to having a much happier and much more fulfilling nursing career.

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