How to Monetize a Sports Blog About Your Favorite Team

How to Monetize a Sports Blog About Your Favorite Team

Are you thinking of launching a sports blog based on your favorite team? Do you have the knowledge and the energy to blog nonstop during the season? It won’t be easy. You will have to be prepared to:

  • Post multiple blogs daily any time there is news to report about the team
  • Live blog during the team’s games
  • Post recap blogs after each game
  • Write in-depth blogs about certain key happenings involving the team
  • …and the list goes on and on…

If you are willing and able to do all of that then you might stand a chance of creating something epic. The more content you publish, the more fans of the team that will come in contact with it.

If your writing style is boring or if there is no personality to it then it may not catch on. There are plenty of other blogs to pick form.

But, if you really connect with your readers they will become very loyal and start to share your posts all over social media. This helps to bring even more traffic and readers to your blog. Once you have that part mastered it’s time to monetize it. Here are some solid ways to generate some money from your blog.

Install Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a way to earn a revenue split from Google, either each time an ad unit on your blog is clicked, or based on the number of impressions the ad units receive.

You can get it set up within minutes and start earning right away. You won’t get rich doing this, but it can at least help to cover your operating expenses. If you need help setting it up you can read this guide.

Run Affiliate Offers

Affiliate offers pay you a percentage of sales or a set fee per action. Now since you are a sports blog you will want to find offers that your readers are going to be interested in.

You can look for offers from sporing good retailers, or even the gear manufacturers. For example, if you had a baseball blog about the Houston Astros, it might make sense to sign up for the MLB affiliate program and place ads for Astros merchandise.

Any time a visitor clicks on those ads and makes a purchase you are paid a referral fee. If you have a big loyal audience that can add up fast, especially during the holidays and when the team is doing very well or in the post season.

Post New Content Daily

I mentioned above that you have to post a lot of content. Like several blogs a day at the least. Some popular team blogs are posting 10+ blogs a day. That is far too much for one person to handle.

If you can’t keep up with the content demand, then consider outsourcing and hiring some ghost writers to keep your blog updates multiple times a day with news and information.

how to monetize a sports blog

Have a Forum Upsell

Consider adding a private forum section to your blog where members can go to discuss all things related to the team. You can charge something like $7 a month or $49 per year to join.

The trick is to keep it private and exclusive, but priced low enough so the majority of your readers will want to join. Create fear of missing out and give them incentive to join.

Craig Hayes

Craig Hayes is a Houston-based freelance sports journalist. He is an Astros, Rockets and Titans fan.

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