Reasons why you should create a company sports team

Reasons why you should create a company sports team

Bustling business and startups alike are constantly looking for teambuilding exercises that foster positive relationships among staff and boost morale as well as productivity. Whether you’re an employee or employer, you know that these exercises are far from equal. 

What sounds better to you: tossing a tennis ball around an office and sharing a little about yourself or getting outdoors and playing a sport together? Chances are, it’s the latter. Here are the main reasons why you should create a company sports team. 

It’s an Investment Toward Your Bottom Line

Countless studies show that employees count having fun in the workplace as a number one indicator for a great company as well as the top reason for referring friends. Business lose employees for a plethora of reasons but having fun simply shouldn’t be one of them.

Creating a company sports team allows your employees to engage in a fun activity with one another. This adds to your company’s culture, but it also helps your hiring and retention process. Think about it as a minimal investment for a maximum return. Of course, you’ll also need to invest in a neck and back injuries lawyer to cover any potential mishaps on the field. 

A Perk and an Experience

That investment, paying for most or all of the teams, shows you are invested in your employees as well as their experiences with your company. This act also focuses on a team reward as opposed to an individual one, like a gym membership or profit-sharing. 

Bridging Departments

There are employees in your company who will never know one another. Instead, they simply lump other groups together in departments. By allowing all departments to take part in the sports team, you’re helping to foster positive relationships among your staff.

If your business is too large for that, then create a private league instead. The goal is to have staff from various departments talking, sharing ideas, and bonding with one another. The more this happens, the more positive of an environment you’ve created in the workplace. 

Say Goodbye to the Monday Blues

One of the best parts of an event, whether it’s a concert or a vacation, is the anticipation leading up to the date on the calendar. You can incorporate this same technique to boost morale. Mondays tend to be the main day employees dread, but consider how their attitudes would change if Monday evenings became the day they got their game on. 

Recruiting Asset

Each sports outing is an opportunity for recruitment. Post pictures of players and events on your social media pages as well as your company website. Instead of paying an outside firm thousands of dollars for recruiting gimmicks, you’re drawing in talent to your staff in the most organic way possible. Plus, it’s free to share photos! Talented individuals looking for fun in the workplace will find you. 

Easy PR

While your PR and marketing efforts are invaluable, a sports team is a simple way to engage in both. Name your team after your business, and it’s instant PR in the community. Each team that plays against you, any news coverage, and every onlooker will now know your brand. This is also an excellent way to reach b2b clients who may also have a team in the league. 

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