How to Turn Your Garage into the Ultimate Man Cave

How to Turn Your Garage into the Ultimate Man Cave

Having the ultimate man cave is a dream that every guy has when they own a home. It’s something they dream of and never let it go until that one day they decide to go for it and build one.

Thankfully my husband has a very cool wife (ME!) and was encourages to convert our garage into his dream man cave. I am a sports fanatic myself, so he really didn’t have to twist my arm. I thought it was a great idea and I knew how much he would love it.

We have a 3-car garage and only two cars. We knew we would never have more than two at a time, so converting one bay into a full man cave made perfect sense to us. He spent years dreaming up the perfect layout and features, so he knew what he wanted. If you are considering converting your garage into a man cave in the near future then here is some advice form our journey.

Lay Down Epoxy Flooring

You don’t want to start with ugly garage concrete, so we laid down a nice black epoxy coating. It would have been very hard to clean it as it was, as it has stains and a lot of wear and tear.

The epoxy coating made it look brand new and gave a nice shiny base to work from. There are a lot of benefits to using epoxy.

Build Up Stadium Style Seating

We knew there would be a lot of sports watching and movie watching in the room so we built up stadium style seating, so it would give us three rows of seating for our friends and family to enjoy.

This style also makes it easy to view, rather than having to look over someones shoulders. My husband built this using scrap plywood. It was fairly easy to do. He just covered it with black carpet to match the floor and make it more presentable.

Install Theatre Seats

We lucked out with this. Theatre seats can be VERY expensive (like $1,500 each!) if you want the ones that fully recline and are super comfortable. My husband found 9 of them online that came from a music studio that was closing down. We got them for $100 each. We would not have gotten such nice seats if not for the amazing deal.

You can search online resources like the Aucto marketplace for low cost equipment. A lot of industrial companies liquidate their inventory and you never know what type of commercial and industrial grade goodies you will find.

home theater in a man cave

Soundproof the Area

We soundproofed our garage just because we wanted to be mindful of our neighbors. Not that we planned on having wild parties, but if it was a late night game and we had people over we wanted to be able to enjoy the area without disturbing anyone.

Install Surround Sound

Another reason why we soundproofed the garage was because my husband was set on installing surround sound for the best experience. It really makes a huge difference and it makes the games much more enjoyable.

We were able to get a slightly used system for a fraction of the cost a new one would have been.

Don’t Forget a Kitchen Area

What is a man cave without food and beer? Well, my husband installed a small kitchen area with a refrigerator and a little snack pantry. It’s nothing fancy, but on game days it’s nice to not have to go inside to grab a cold one or reach for a snack.

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Cassidy Donahue is a former D1 Women's Basketball player who now coaches at the High School level. She is a diehard New York Yankees and New York Knicks fan.

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