The Surge in Video Game Popularity Has Created a New Sport

The Surge in Video Game Popularity Has Created a New Sport

Did you hear about the high school kid that just won $3 million dollars by winning a Fortnite tournament? A kid won millions of dollars by winning a vide game tournament. Let that soak in for a minute. Video games are a big business now, and a new sport has been born.

It’s not a new concept. eSports have been a thing for a while, but recently they have really gained momentum and there are some amazing opportunities happening because of it.

One of the biggest gamer personalities is “Ninja” and he recently inked a deal with Red Bull, which is reportedly worth several millions of dollars. They even came out with a can commemorating the partnership. “Ninja” is making a lot of money playing video games, with estimates to be at $500,000 per month.

The industry is booming now and more attention is coming its way. The Fortnite tournament featured a total of $30 million in prize money. It really helped put eSports on the map. Now everyone is aware of just how big this new sport really is.

Always Here But New on This Level

Video games have been around forever. There have always been tournaments on some level, but nothing like we see now. There is a legit opportunity to turn playing video games into a lucrative career these days. That was not the case years ago.

Do a Google search about the Fortnite tournament and you will see coverage from every major media source on the planet. It’s such big news that it’s impossible for them to pass on it. They are all reporting on it, and will no doubt be keeping their eyes on the sport moving forward.

Social Media Helped Fuel the Excitement

These gamers gained popularity by live streaming. That is how they accumulated their initial following. Then they used their social media to grow even more.

They are now able to live stream on Twitch, allowing their fans to watch them live-play games, and then they can also post content on social media, which is more personal. This allows the fans to really connect with them.

rise in popularity of esports

Sponsorship is at an All-Time High

I already mentioned the Red Bull deal, which was huge news in the industry. There are other large brands following suit, looking to align with gamer personalities. But industry companies are riding the wave as well.

From huge corporate brands that generate billions of dollars in sales every year to industry companies like GGServers – it is prime time to be involved and reap the benefits. The attention these gamers have, from stream views to social media impressions, is worth a lot of money to these companies and they are paying accordingly.

Earning Potential is Unlimited

Imagine being in high school and winning $3 million at a video game tournament? Well, it’s big business and these kids are taking it seriously. The winner of that tournament practices playing Fortnite 6 hours a day. Even on school days.

Is that healthy? Um, probably not. Will more follow his footsteps hoping to achieve the same level of success? Most definitely, and while I think the emergence of gaming as a sport is great, I am not so sure that practicing 6 hours every single day is really the best route for kids. Next you will see man caves being turned into video game practice rooms.

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